Getting a product from seller to buyer requires having a distribution channel network. If the wrong type of channel is established, the product may not reach the market in time to be sold (or may not be able to reach the market at all), possibly causing the project to shut down.

ALFA Industries can help its’ clients to establish a full-scale direct distribution operations in USA or Eastern Europe/ CIS region. This service is experience-based and ALFA Industries has in the past established a number of distribution channels for US and European manufacturers. As a distributor, we understand the importance of brand and market development and always consider such relationship as a long-term venture. ALFA Industries supports its obligations to supplier or manufacturer of products by committing its own financial investments into market development and in some cases to guaranteed minimum purchasing volumes.

Distributor operation can be set up on an independent operator basis or as a joint venture. Distribution structure can also be either region exclusive or specific industry/ costumer exclusive. Core activities that are carried out and organized by ALFA Industries as a distributor are: