ALFA Industries connects the worldwide auto supplier industry with the resources and expertise to effectively do business globally. With ALFA Industries’ help, auto component suppliers and OEM Manufacturers can find new business opportunities, innovative product solutions and develop strategies focused on doing business in the world's top automotive markets. ALFA Industries purchases and distributes diversified range of automotive components and integrated systems for utilization by OEMs, TIER 1-2 assemblers and aftermarket customers primarily in United States and Eastern Europe. The Company has extensive commercial and technical expertise in the following areas of automotive component supply chain:

ALFA Industries also can procure and supply entire commercial and industrial fleets of vehicles for the following industries: commercial heavy and light trucking (dry bed, flat bed, reefers, trailers), vehicle carrier transporters, secured assets transporters, specialty vehicles such as ambulances and fire suppression related equipment, light specialty vehicles for use by governmental agencies and military. All technical service and components/ parts support is also available. All vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking technology for monitoring and management purposes.